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Intimate wedding photoshoot in Frederiksberg - Nathalie and Marko

Søndermarken, Frederiksberg

Nathalie and Marko got married in summer, but did not have a chance to get their wedding portraits taken. After coming back from their honeymoon, they joined me and Valerio (@madagascartprod) for a cozy, autumn post-wedding portrait session in Søndermarken, Frederiksberg. See the behind the scenes reel here!

The park offers an incredible amount of beautiful spots, perfect for moody portraits. We took a walk among the tall trees, some of them already full of yellow and reddish tones, and enjoyed the mild weather of a Sunday afternoon, until sunset.

Although Nathalie and Marko told me they usually feel uncomfortable in front of a camera, they immediately started feeling more and more at ease, while Valerio and I gently directed them to walk along the trees or give each other a kiss or a hug.

We were lucky to have the sun peek through the trees at times, letting Nathalie and Marko bathe in a glorious, golden sunset light.

We explored the park, taking some time for a spooky portrait too - it was Halloween season after all!

They even danced at the rhythm of their song (I won't tell you which song... I'll just say it was a rather unexpected one! :D)

Finally, we ended our photoshoot at a quiet clearing, where a fallen tree was the perfect setting to sit and rest for a moment, at dusk, before saying bye.

Videographer: @madagascartprod

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