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7 tips to enjoy a smooth, stress-free preparation on your wedding day

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Preparation is one of the most important, beautiful and emotional parts of a wedding day. While photographing weddings in Copenhagen over the past year, as well as experiencing my own wedding, the amount of emotion packed in the wedding morning has truly struck me.

As a photographer, I get to be a fly on a wall and capture the natural tension, the details, the feelings that flood that moment. I can never get enough of that! On the other hand, as a bride (or groom), it is the perfect moment to be surrounded by our nearest and dearest, enjoy a bit of calm (and laughter, it always helps!) and set the right mood for the rest of the day.

Especially because this moment is so unique, it is important to enjoy it to the fullest! I have collected here a few tips to help you do that, as well as set the best mood for the rest of your wedding day.

1. Hire expert wedding vendors (and coordinate with them!)

This is one I wish I knew before my own wedding :D You may be tempted to do everything on your own - I decided to do my own hair, for example! However, even if you're super good with your everyday hair or make up, the emotion of the day may play you a trick, you may end up disappointed with the results, and ultimately waste time and get stressed.

Moreover, expert wedding vendors are well aware of how important it is to stick to your schedule and ensure that everything runs smoothly from the beginning of your day. They'll tell you how much time they need, they will stick to the plan, and you'll have more precious time to embrace the moment.

If you can't or don't want to hire a make up artist or a hairstylist, do consider getting help by a relative or a friend - it will be a cute moment you two will cherish for the years to come!

2. Allocate enough time (and then some more!)

This might be a boring one, but super important to avoid missing out on what you want during your wedding preparation, and especially not to start your wedding day in a rush. Remember the time estimates you got from your wedding vendors? Plan for additional time for each activity and add it to your plan as a buffer. This is especially important if you need transport between different locations.

It may feel like a huge amount of time, but you won't get bored! If that is the case, you'll simply have more time to spend with your closest family, perhaps have a toast with some bubbles (see tip #5 - hehe!), or just relax on your own. All of which represent fantastic opportunities to make awesome memories (and gorgeous pictures :D)

3. Put on your favorite playlist

Whether you prefer nice and calming, upbeat and energizing, or just your favorite hits, music will melt away the tension, and help you enjoy your preparation at best!

4. Surround yourself with few, fun family members (and friends!)

There's a lot going on during the wedding getting-ready! While in some cultures it is common that guests show up at the bride's parents' house to see the bride prior to the ceremony, many couples decide to keep a more quiet and calm environment during their morning. Whether you and your partner are getting ready together, or you decided to see each other later on, I do recommend to let in only few, important people at this moment, and shut the rest of the world out, before the madness begins :D

Bonus tip

Having friends around is always an awesome idea - they will help you laugh and break the tension, if need be, or simply share your feels. Just ask them to be already dressed up, by the time your photographer will take your getting-ready group pictures!

5. Set the tone by having a glass of bubbles (and snacks!) at hand

It goes without saying - yet so easy to forget: stay fed and hydrated during the day, and during your preparation too! A light and healthy breakfast will keep your energy up, while snacks and water may come in handy (for both you and those around you) throughout the morning.

And once you have gathered your favorite people around you, have a toast and enjoy a glass of bubbles all together! It is a fun, light and happy moment I highly recommend everyone to have.

And then, a couple more tips for fantastic preparation pictures:

6. Collect your details and accessories in one place

If you are wearing an accessory that is especially important to you - a special piece of jewelry that has been in the family for generations, stunning designer shoes, a significant flower in your bouquet, your favorite perfume - make sure to let your photographer know!

Have all your accessories with you, including both wedding rings and your paper invite (if any).

Collect them in one place: this will greatly help your photographer to capture all your details, and spend time on those which matter the most. On the other hand, you won't waste time searching for your things, nor will you forget anything :D

7. Pick a bright place with neutral tones (when possible!)

Whenever possible, pick a place that has light, neutral walls, rather than dark tones, and large windows to let beautiful, natural light in.

If you are getting ready in a bright place, you will not only feel relaxed and happy - my personal opinion! I am a sucker for bright places :D - but also that light will be spilling into your photographs.

And that's it!

A wedding day is the perfect combination of emotions, there is so much to do that you barely have time to think about anything else. And that's exactly how it should be!

That's why it is important to enjoy your morning to the fullest, be surrounded by the people you love the most, and embrace the moment with a full heart and a happy mood.

Hope you'll find these tips helpful! And of course, hit me up if you're planning your wedding or elopement in Copenhagen and want amazing picture to remember your big day ;)

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