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How to do a creative photo session at home, step-by-step

I often have an image in my mind, that I want to recreate and photograph myself. Inspiration can come from a location, a dress, or a model’s mood… possibilities are many!

Most of the times, I go for a relaxed, natural and candid style, and I pick outdoors locations in or around Copenhagen, in the city or in the nature (you can see some examples in my lifestyle portfolio).

However, sometimes I want to focus on a particular mood, style, detail, outfit, etc. and build a bit more complex setup and editorial approach. In those cases, there is a need to plan a bit, and bring in a good team. It is a really fun process, a great opportunity to meet new talented people, and results are dope!

Here are a few images coming from a creative photo session realized with the sweet Noelia as model and the talented Christine as MUA.

So, here is how we did it!

1. Collect ideas

At first, I collected my ideas, searched for more inspiration online, and made a moodboard. I often use Pinterest for this purpose, which I find super useful (if you use it too, let’s connect!). Then, I wrote down the most important shots and color combinations I had in mind, as well as how many styles and outfits would be needed.

2. Get the team together

Obviously, super important step! I was lucky enough to meet the kind and helpful Noelia, who agreed to pose in front of my camera (she’s also a great photographer! - check her out here).

Then, I reached out to Christine, who loved the idea and agreed to chip in too!

3. Plan! Communicate!

I can’t stress enough how important this is!

Until the day of the shoot, the three of us kept in contact. We communicated ideas back and forth and agreed on the clothes and accessories. I double checked whether my ideas were realistically feasible within the time of the shoot (spoiler alert: they were not - hehe - so I downsized a little) and I picked a suitable time of the day for a good natural light in the home studio.

Finally, I collected the props I wanted to use!

4. Meet up and shoot!

On the day of the shoot, the girls showed up and we started creating! With some music in the background, Christine did her magic, while I prepared backdrops and props. Then Noelia and I tried out several poses, using the backdrops, outfits and props we had picked.

In the end, the results were a bit different than planned, which was great! I tend to plan what I want to achieve, but I believe the best photographs often come out when leaving space for new ideas to create together during the shoot.

Check out the behind the scenes reel!

Bonus tip

Have some snacks and drinks close by! They’ll help with the hunger kicks, especially if you have planned the shoot around lunchtime D:

If you'd like to have your very own fashion portraits, let's get in contact, it is so much fun!

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