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Getting married in Copenhagen: 5 tips to choose the best location for your wedding portraits

(...with examples!)

Yes! You're finally getting married in Copenhagen! Whether you're planning a full blown party to surround yourselves with your loved ones, or an exciting elopement with just the two of you, it is going to be an epic day, full of love, joy, and laughter!

And what better way to celebrate your love, than taking a bit of time on your wedding day, just you and your partner, to take incredible portraits, and make indelible memories together?

Obviously, the main subjects are the two of you, and the beautiful connection you share. However, choosing the right location for your wedding photoshoot is a beautiful addition to your portraits, and the right match will definitely make your heart sing!



5 tips to choose the best location for your wedding portraits:

Examples of stunning wedding portraits locations in and around Copenhagen:


Copenhagen offers many beautiful locations for stunning portraits, in and around the city; therefore, especially if you've never been there before, choosing a location might not be an easy task. Keep reading, and you'll find 5 simple tips to help you.

1. Think about things that resonate with you and your partner

How did you 2 meet? Was there something special about your proposal? What do you enjoy doing together? Do you love being outdoors, sightseeing, or good food? These questions will be a good starting point for you and your wedding photographer to think about a proper location. If you enjoy being outdoors, a park or a forest might be the best option! If you love history and culture, it could be a street full of historical buildings, or even a museum! If you or your partner proposed at the beach, it could be possible to plan a sunset photoshoot at the beach... The sky is the limit, really :)

2. Consider how you're planning your wedding day, and the mood you want

How is your wedding going to be? Where is the reception, and is it far from the ceremony location? Transportation time is an important factor to consider! If you're planning a tight schedule, you might want to avoid a location that is too far.

How about your outfit? An easy and laid back sneakers + gown combination might easily fit more 'adventurous' options, whereas a beach might not be the best option, if you want to keep your high heels on :D

3. Think about how you and your partner are

Which words would you use to define yourselves? Are you elegant, laid back, sporty, calm, dynamic... or all of these? If you love elegant settings, a beach may not be the best location, for example.

4. Still no clue? Make a Pinterest board with pictures that inspire you, and share with your photographer

Sometimes it's that easy: you don't know, and you don't care! You might want to leave free choice to your wedding photographer... or you could still provide them some inspiration with a Pinterest moodboard, collecting some images that just feel right to you.

5. Make sure to ask all your questions, explain all your doubts, and use all the help from your wedding photographer!

If the location choice does not feel right, if you have any concerns, if you're searching for inspiration, or literally anything else that comes to your mind... I am here to help! The more you share, the easier it is to truly satisfy all your wishes, solve problems, and find the solution that fits *you* best.

Here are 3 practical examples of how some of my clients got their awesome galleries, thanks to one or more of these tips!

1. Amager Strand

During our discovery call, Nico and Marko mentioned they love spending plenty of time outdoors, having long walks with their beloved little dog. While they could not bring their pup on the day, I could not not suggest a sunset photoshoot at Amager Strand for them.

This long, sandy beach is located in the island of Amager, 15 min by car from Copenhagen City Hall. While it may be crowded during hot summer days, it is a fantastic backdrop for a late-afternoon wedding photoshoot. Here you can really play with the nature and use the wind, water and sand for wonderful 'wild' portraits, or use the plain cement structures for even more interesting, modern pictures. If you're not afraid to get your hair messy, your dress wet, and sand between your toes, this is the perfect location for you.

Bonus tip: the sunset light is really magic here. If you can plan your photoshoot in the afternoon, with a bit of luck, the sun will color your pictures with amazing orange, pink and dark blue tones.

2. Tivoli

Gigi did not hesitate to share how much she loved Tivoli during one of her previous visits to Copenhagen, as well as her excitement for all things Christmas. So, her Christmas-themed, Tivoli elopement photosession was a perfect choice, to be planned right after their civil wedding in Copenhagen City Hall!

Situated right next to the City Hall, Tivoli is the third-oldest operating amusement park in the world. Besides a breathtaking collection of rides, shops and restaurants, it is possible to find many green spots, beautifully decorated with flowers and fountains. It is even possible to plan for a wedding reception in one of the many restaurants here, for a super fun experience for both adults and kids.

If you're looking for a modern, playful and fun location for your pictures, Tivoli is the perfect location for you!

Bonus tips: the price for the entrance ticket is 155 dkk (updated to 2023). Moreover, the park is closed between seasons, therefore it is a good idea to double check opening hours on their website.

3. Haveselskabets Have

The third example is actually not in Copenhagen, but in Frederiksberg! Marta and Kristian got married in a lovely church in Frederiksberg, and this stunning park, Haveselskabets Have, was exactly on their way to their reception location in Copenhagen inner city! Moreover, the elegant garden was a perfect match to their stylish outfits.

In fact, with just a 10 min drive from Copenhagen City Hall, this garden offers a lovely series of stunning corners, beautiful ivy walls and hidden benches. If you are in love with more elegant, timeless portraits, this is the perfect location for you!

I hope you found this post useful! And if you have any suggestions for a beautiful, unusual location for your wedding portraits in Copenhagen, click on the button below and bring them on! I will gladly update my list :D

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