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5 tips for a killer souvenir photoshoot in Copenhagen

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

A few weeks ago, a client asked me to capture some beautiful memories of her years spent in Copenhagen. Her request was to picture her life in the city, including several top locations in Copenhagen. This was such a fun assignment, from beginning to end! I learnt so much, and all of that can easily be adapted to a love story or a wedding portrait session too!

At first, we picked some cool spots in the inner city. Then, I drafted a route and estimated the time to be spent in each location, as well as the time needed to move from one to the other.

Based on the time available in the chosen package (1 hour and a half), we narrowed down the choice to 4 main locations (Nyhavn, Gammel Strand, Magstræde and a café), plus some quick stops between them.

Here you can see some of the results. Amazing, uh?

And here you can find a link to the behind the scenes reel.



5 tips for a killer souvenir photoshoot in Copenhagen:



Here are some tips I learned during the process.

1. Don’t underestimate transport time.

Pick locations that are close to each other, or consider biking between them! The center of Copenhagen is relatively small, and many touristic spots are close to each other - which is lucky - but you may not have time to visit an additional spot in another area, for example.

2. Show up early!

This is a super important tip to capture iconic locations without bumping into a ton of people, or feeling observed by 100 tourists who are curious about your photoshoot. Don’t get me wrong - it can be fun, but sometimes not exactly what you’re looking for.

3. If you can’t beat the crowd, use it!

A lot of the charm of urban environment comes from the crowd that restlessly moves around us. So, using people to capture that mood can be interesting, or give a nice creative twist to some of your pictures.

4. Play with creativity.

It can be difficult to capture iconic landscapes from a different perspective, so the key may be to experiment with movement, or to find some lesser known corners to give a new perspective to the same old spots.

5. Think about alternatives in case of rain.

Old but gold! Weather is often unpredictable, so it is always a good idea to have a couple of alternative locations in mind - a cozy café, an archway, etc.

Bonus tip: if you want to use a café as a location, make sure it is allowed to take photos inside ;)

That was it! What do you think? I hope these tips can be useful for you too, and that you got an idea of what you can expect in such a photo session. And if you want to have some fun with your very own souvenir photoshoot in the inner city of Copenhagen, book me for a call!

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